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Goat Milk Bath Bombs

Goat Milk Bath Bombs

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Are you ready to take your bath time to the next level?  Then toss in one of our luxurious goat milk bath bombs.  

These little beauties pack a punch when it comes to silky smooth skin and extra moisturization.

What's our secret??? Dehydrated goat milk to increase hydration of the skin with proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals to nourish and replenish tired skin.  These same proteins also help calm inflammation and moisturize.  Finally the latic acid found in goat's milk helps to smooth the skin's texture and rid the body of dry rough patches.

As if that weren't enough we add in some castor oil for it's antioxidants which are know to fight free radicals in your body helping to prevent wrinkles and promote the growth of healthy skin tissues.