Sunday Solitude Series - Why having alone time is important

I’m guilty...guilty of being too busy. Guilty of filling my schedule with all the things but not finishing all the things.

When my plate gets full I tend to quit. I tend to make excuses or push things off until tomorrow only to find that tomorrow never comes!

Yesterday I was up at 2:30am. After tossing and turning for a good hour and a half I felt God tugging at my heart and stirring in my brain. So I got up and spent some time with Him.

And here’s what I felt Him telling me...I needed to be ok with being a loner!

According to Webster, solitude is the state or situation of being alone. As a mama of 5 (4 of which still live in the home), a wife, a business owner, and co ranch manager there’s always someone or something needing my attention.

And unfortunately this past week my inability to manage all the needs reared it’s ugly head for all to see.

Hence why I believe God kept me awake yesterday to evaluate my mental state and lead me to this word of solitude. So this is a very long and maybe too personal post to say that I’ll be implementing a new Sunday Solitude Series where I’ll share ideas on how you can recharge for your week ahead and become the loner you were meant to be!

Want to find out more about why you need loaner time? Send me a message with your email and I’ll send you an article on 7 science backed reasons you need alone time!

Happy Sunday Friends!